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5 Reasons Why uPVC Windows are Energy Efficient

While there are several benefits of uPVC windows, we want to direct your attention to why and how uPVC windows are considered energy efficient. With the rise of energy costs in the UK, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. As we delve more into this topic, you will come to understand some measures we can take to save money on electricity bills. At Associated Windows, we bring cost effective home improvement solutions that can make the lives of our customers easier and more comfortable.


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If you have ever been cold sitting next to your windows, you would be interested to know that there are ways of enjoying beautiful views without catching a chill. At Associated Windows, we offer high performance double glazing for our windows and doors. Double glazing is a mechanism which involves two strong glass panes joined together at the frame but separated by a small vacuum. The gap between glass panes is hermetically sealed and filled with argon gas, meaning no air can enter or leave.

The space between two panes of glass acts as a thermal barrier, reducing the intensity of heat in Summer. During colder months, it allows the warmth of sunlight to radiate into your home. As double glazed uPVC windows are suitable for both hot and cold climates, they reduce the reliance on air conditioning and heater. Consequently reducing energy bills and carbon footprint.

Low U-values

U-values measure thermal transmittance, allowing us to understand how heat is transmitted through windows and doors. If the U-value of a window is low, it is an indicator of high thermal performance. Here at Associated Windows, our uPVC windows are manufactured using advanced technology to achieve low U-values and offer maximum thermal comfort to every home.


As unpredictable as British weather can be, it is important to invest in home improvement solutions that are reliable and durable. Keep the chilly draught and rain out of your home with our uPVC windows. Even with constant exposure to nature’s elements, uPVC windows will not crack, fade or misshapen in any way. Unlike timber, uPVC is an excellent material that does not absorb moisture.

With Associated Windows, you can enjoy your new uPVC windows for years without needing replacements. If you are wondering how much of your valuable time these windows will take to clean, then fret not, as these uPVC windows are practically maintenance free. All they would ever ask of you is an occasional wipe down.


uPVC Windows ThornburyuPVC Material

To reduce our collective carbon emissions, we need to invest in products that can be recycled. You will be delighted to know that uPVC windows can actually be recycled many times. Since the 1980s, uPVC windows and doors have been a popular choice and rightly so. In addition to being lightweight, sturdy and weatherproof, it is 100 % recyclable. Every little bit counts, and opting for materials that have minimal impact on the environment can contribute to saving our environment

Our uPVC windows come with Windows Energy Ratings (or WER) of ‘A’, which means these windows improve the property’s energy efficiency. One reason for uPVC material’s skyrocketing popularity is its longevity and durability, effectively reducing replacement needs and waste.

Six chamber thermally broken frames

Another reason why our uPVC windows boast the energy efficiency of a property is that they are integrated with fully enclosed six chamber thermally broken frames. The benefit of these multi chamber uPVC profiles is that they do not allow the heat to escape the room and cold air to seep inside.

The higher the number of chambers, the better the thermal insulation of uPVC windows. Where many installers might be using outdated three chamber profiles, at Associated Windows, we provide uPVC windows that benefit from advanced technology and superior thermal efficiency.

Creating an energy efficient home is rapidly becoming necessary as we are witnessing an increase in the cost of living. We want our homeowners to adopt a futuristic approach when it comes to home improvement solutions, as that can increase the value of their homes and reduce the impact on our atmosphere. Choose the right window for your home and the environment.


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