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7 renovations that add value to your home

Much more than just a simple environment to enjoy upon returning home on the evenings, your home should be a sanctuary of tranquillity. A place of peace that reflects your personal tastes and tells anyone visiting who you are and how you like to live. To help accomplish this, The Associated Windows team offer a number of ways to make this possible.

From renovated rooflines that helps your property better fend off harsh elements to stunning window and door designs that help make your home more personable, here are 7 ways to add either monetary or practical value to your home.

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1. A revitalised front entrance style

The first thing you see when returning or leaving home, finding the perfect front entrance style for your property is a wildly important factor to consider when adding value to the home. The good news is that, whether you want to prioritise aesthetics or performance, all our entrance designs exceed at both, with a range of efficiency levels and colour shades on offer.

2. A fully-functioning roofline

Many people underestimate the importance of keeping your home’s roofline tip-top! Referring to the top area of your property consisting of fascias, soffits, and other guttering, it’s here where the building is able to fend off harsh weather levels. Engineered using durable and robust uPVC, our roofline products perform exceptionally, keeping your house protected against high wind, water, and air.

3. An extended living space

Whether in the form of a conservatory, orangery, or something in between, adding an extended living space either to the side of front of the home can be an invaluable undertaking. By far one of the easiest long-term investments to make in terms of upping a property’s financial value, glazed extensions can be utilised for a range of applications such as a dining room, soft play area, or general hosting space.

4. Refreshed window sets

Commonly referred to as the eyes of the home, uPVC windows play an important role with regards to the home’s value due to their ability to impact both the inside and out. When maximising the amount of glass within the frame, light has a far easier time entering and interiors spoiled with wide open views of the outside. They can add value to the overall aesthetic style too.

5. Additional glazing (Double/Triple)

Speaking of PVCu windows, the number of glass layers integrated within them can up the value of a home substantially, ideal for keeping homeowners comfortable in the Winter months. A near-necessity for those who reside alongside the hustle and bustle of a busy suburban area, opting to have your windows double or triple glazed improves both sound and heat insulation.

6. Potted plant placement

The perfect way to bring yourself closer to nature, sporadically spotting potted plants around your living space works wonders in terms of enhancing mood and atmosphere. They add a nice splash of colour to the inside of your home without the need to open your home up to the elements.

7. A decorated house front

Tying in once again with the idea of creating a memorable front entrance, decorating the front of your home is a subtle, simple, but still effective way of adding value to the home. This can be done using either lights, plants, a canopy, or maybe even a combination of the three.

Subtle enhancements to help you make the most of your home

If you’d like more information about how to best add value to your home, contact Associated Windows on 0117 9311777 or send us an online message.

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