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Our guide to double glazing

Sensible homeowners across Bristol Somerset & Gloucestershire are protecting their homes with high-quality double glazing from Associated Windows

Are tired single glazed windows or inefficient double-glazed windows keeping you up at night? Until something isn’t quite right with your windows, you could never have imagined how troublesome rattling, draughty or whistling windows could be!

As well as structural preservation and security strengthening benefits, high-performance double-glazed windows also offer enhanced sound barrier protection from the outside world. Comfort, satisfaction and peace of mind come as standard with Associated Windows double glazing.

Affordable double-glazed windows Bristol

Double glazing has been a mandatory requirement for all UK homes with replacement glazing, in compliance with Building Regulations since April 2002. Therefore, we are firm believers that financial factors should not get in the way of vital home improvements. This is why we offer a range of finance options, with the help of a leading high street lender. We are proud to have helped many of our customers achieve their renovation goals, without having to compromise on quality, performance or style.

Energy efficient and planet-friendly double glazing Bradley Stoke

Up to 80% of energy loss occurs around the edge of a window. Translated into cost, inefficient windows can be incredibly draining on your finances as well as your carbon footprint. With thermally efficient double-glazing the average energy saving works out around £110-115 each year, so if you add these savings up over time it’s easy to see how double glazing truly pays for itself in the long-run.

Bristol clifton suspension bridge

Add value and kerb appeal with double glazing Portishead

As well as boosting thermal efficiency, high-quality double glazing holds real potential to add considerable value and kerb appeal to your home too. First impressions can be make or break for the majority of buyers, and double glazing plays a key role in whether buyers respond positively or negatively to your home – decent double glazing combined with central heating ranks highly amongst UK house-hunters, after all.

A good Energy Performance Certificate rating (EPC) is highly advantageous to Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire buyers too. An EPC is a legal requirement for properties that are for sale or rental, which are there to help homeowners and tenants figure out how much energy costs are going to be and how they can save money in the future. High-quality renovations can markedly boost a property’s EPC rating and can even increase the value of it between 6% – 14%, depending on the home improvement of course.

Double glazing Bristol boosts your health and lifestyle

It’s a fact that 1 in 4 British homes suffer from condensation, damp or mould and approximately 5.4 million suffer from asthma in the UK.

Damaged or faulty window frames play a big part in damp and mould issues that often arise throughout homes across the UK. Poor ventilation, heating and insulation can also exacerbate condensation problems, with Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire homes even more susceptible to the hazardous issue thanks to the cold and wet coastal climate. Double glazing effectively improves air quality, providing a tough barrier to bacteria and viruses whilst resisting condensation by practically preserving heat within the building. As well as guarding those who suffer from respiratory problems in particular, double glazing also prevents window frames from rotting, warping or leaking which in turn protects the structure from being destroyed from the harmful effects of historically untreated damp and mould.

Bristol Gloucestershire & Somerset homeowners, need to know more?

The Associated Windows team have a wealth of localised and regional expertise to share, especially on the topic of double glazing. So, if you have a particular query on double glazed windows in Bristol, Somerset or Gloucestershire areas you may find the answer below via one of our tailored and informative articles below:

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If your query can’t be answered above, don’t hesitate to contact the Associated Windows team for further support.

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