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Which are the best glass doors: Patio, French, or Bifolding?

One of the industry’s most long-running and contested debates, the truth is that, in terms of glass doors, there is no clear winner. More excitingly there is no wrong answer, not least because for as long as every home remains different and unique, so will the needs and specific advantages they require. Crave modernity? Bifolds excel. Need more light? Patio doors can oblige. Want to stay traditional? French doors are a classical design.

To help homeowners make the right decision when it comes to their specific choice of rear entrance glass doors, we’ve taken the time to analyse the benefits of each. Hoping to make your buying decision just that little bit easier, in a clear and digestible format. Associated Windows will see you right!

Patio doors

Conservatory with glass roof and modern interior

A longstanding choice of glass door since the early days of the 1960’s, sliding patio doors might be a simple but still a very effective solution that have become a hugely favourable choice amongst 21st century homeowners. Their light use of framework and maximised large glass surface area renders them an inherently neutral style to suit most homes, sliding to one side effortlessly to make the best use of space with easy outside transitions.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Effortless smooth-sliding action
  • Large glass surface area with slim sightlines
  • Up to two thirds opening space
  • No protruding panels (Saving inside and outside space)

French doors

oak upvc french doors

Sure to make any invited guests exclaim “ooh la la” upon experiencing their understated yet classical design, French doors offer a blank canvas for homeowners to configure and customise. Their unique double-door opening action is ideal for anyone who wishes to flitter between openness and privacy at a moment’s notice,

Benefits at a glance:

  • Easy opening twin door action
  • Additional privacy when using panels as dividers
  • Readily customisable with stained and bevelled glass options
  • Traditional style suited to classical properties

Bifolding doors

aluminium bifold doors

A staple of home improvement innovation for the past couple of years, bifold doors are specifically intended to remove the barriers between you and your home’s outside. Sporting inherently slim sightlines that help to make a unique ‘wall of glass’ towards the back of the home, each of the system’s panels neatly envelope and stack up alongside each other when required to help make the best use of space.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Seamless concertina folding to one side
  • Natural gliding action
  • Up to 90% opening space
  • Multiple panel numbers and configuration options

Glass doors that help to reveal every home’s natural beauty

Whether bifold, patio, or French in style, glass doors from Associated Windows always help modern homeowners to reveal the best parts of their home’s inside and outside beauty. For more information on which style might best suit you, call us today on 0117 9311777 or send us an online message.

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