What Are Composite Doors?

One of the most secure entrance door styles on the market, composite doors from Associated Windows offer every Bristol homeowner high security, beautiful aesthetics and great thermal efficiency, engineered in industry-leading Solidor slabs. Our range come tested to the highest recognised standards of fire and weather-resistance, draught exclusion and security capability, making the most of a multi-layered design that ensures heat has a tough time escaping your home, whilst also offering unrivalled protection from intruders. Although the rate of break-ins in Bristol hasn’t risen hugely, it’s still an important consideration for any homeowner.

Every composite door supplied by us combines the traditional appearance of a timber door with the thermal performance and style of a modern product. Solidor composites in particular are made from insulating, multi-layered materials which cover a solid timber core, further coated in GRP (glass reinforced plastic) skin to provide the low maintenance of uPVC with a robust outer layer that looks exactly like wood – composite doors simply never fail to look great or perform well.

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