Installing glazed conservatory roofs that deliver beautiful views and absolute comfort

If you’re still making use of an old, outdated polycarbonate roof from when your home extension was first installed or simply want to get off to a good start, we install glass conservatory roofs that make it easy for light to penetrate your home. When compared to traditional polycarbonate roofs, glass alternatives provide more thermal and acoustic insulation, letting you sit back, relax and enjoy absolute comfort in your conservatory or orangery.

If it is indeed a strict replacement you require, swapping out the roof as opposed to the entire structure of an extension is a much swifter and more cost-effective solution to help improve insulation, style, and efficiency. This allows our team to make it so you’ll be able to enjoy the plentiful benefits of a new glass (or tiled) roof a lot sooner and in good time.

A popular choice amongst British homeowners for years, glass roofs have since been perfected to such an extent that they are now able to offer impressive levels of solar gain and heat insulation – as well as amazing natural light entry. This transforms your conservatory into a space which is useable throughout the entire year, as opposed to just the spring or summer.

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