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How to get a key out of a locked door

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When you’re looking for a new entrance door for your Bristol home, what attribute comes first above all others? Official statistics show us that 73% of home burglaries take place through a door and on a local scale, Avon and Somerset Police have only managed to solve one in ten burglary cases since 2011 across the region. With this in mind, we’re sure you’ll agree that an intruder proof locking mechanism tops the list. So, just imagine your dismay at purchasing a new front door and then getting your key stuck in the locked door – what would you do? Jiggle the key up and down? Try to remover it with pliers? Call a locksmith? What if you could’ve prevented this from happening in the first place?…

This is why our specialist door fabricator is the mighty Solidor. Creating the very finest composite doors on the market today, Solidor expertly combine the most secure door locking systems with an array of stylish finishes and exclusive door furniture to make an entrance that’s as unique as you are. With an impressive range of 6 different locking mechanisms for the security minded homeowner to choose from, getting a key out of a locked door is truly a thing of the past with a Solidor.

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How to get a key out of a locked Solidor

The Ultion lock prevents your key from getting stuck, proactively keeping itself clean via:
1. It’s shape. – Designed to wipe the key clean at point of entry, this stops debris entering this high-tech lock.
2. Non-magnetization. – As the key doesn’t contain any magnets, harmful metal scrapings picked up from your wallet, pocket, etc cannot be transferred into the lock.
3. Eliminating hiding places. – Due to Ultion’s 11 pin structure, there are no extra deep key dimples for debris to compromise the locking mechanisms efficiency.

Ultion – The UK’s most secure locking system

Your safety is of utmost importance to us, which is why every composite door from Associated Windows is fitted with this market-leading lock from Ultion as standard. It’s impressively approved by the Master Locksmith Association, Secured by Design (the UK’s official Police flagship security initiative) and accredited by the British Standards Institution (BSI) with the highest 3-star rating. Intelligently sensing forced entry and engaging ‘lockdown mode’ (a hidden lock within its core), this deters intruders from crossing your threshold – even when it’s been snapped twice. The Ultion lock is even ‘snap secure’ if you accidentally leave the key in the inside of the lock. With a mighty 11 pins that create 294,000 different key combinations combined with 6 anti-drill pins, the Ultion truly seals your home against the most persistent of housebreakers.

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A secure home is a happy home

If you’d like to upgrade your front door this summer and live anywhere in or around the Bristol area, visit our showroom to get a real feel for our home improvement products on offer. Or get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements further with you.

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