Blue composite front door with stained glass detail

What makes a composite door different to the standard PVCu & timber doors?

Blue composite front door with stained glass detail

If you’re a homeowner who’s thought about dipping their toe into the turbulent waters of home improvement, you’ll no doubt have heard of composite doors. Largely considered by many to be the premium entrance door option currently on the market, composite doors are the complete package, allowing British homes to enjoy the best security, style, and efficiency.

Both being classic materials, most will already be familiar with what to expect when opting for a door engineered in either PVCu or timber. Composite doors take these usual benefits to the next level, and we at Associated Windows thought we’d highlight just how.

Harnessing the best of both PVCu and timber

The term ‘composite’ itself, comes from the fact that the door style is constructed using a mixture of materials. Ours, for example, utilise a 48mm thick door panel that makes use of a solid timber core, but is coated in an outer skin of GRP and fitted into a surrounding PVCu frame. This acute combination of both PVCu and timber results in a door that offers homeowners the best of both worlds, perfectly balancing modern performance and classic style.

Composite doors keep the heat in and unwanted guests out

The dense makeup of composite doors ensures that any present heat that’s been naturally generated will always have a tougher time escaping when compared to those who have a timber or UPVC door. The living space will suddenly feel more welcoming, be more comfortable, and perhaps most impressively, there’s a high chance that heating bills will be reduced due to less of a reliance on artificial heating.

As well as insulating the home both in terms of warmth and sound, composite doors prove a popular choice for the security-concerned homeowner. This is because their inherent multi-layered design acts as a greater defence barrier against unwanted intruders, but with composites from our range in particular, Ultion locks come fitted as standard. A forward-thinking locking brand renowned for its unique “lockdown mode” that engages when an attack is detected, there’s simply no greater defence.

Subtle features exclusive to the composite door design

Composite doors further separate themselves from standard PVCu and timber options, thanks to a suite of added elements that take them from good to great. Every composite panel comes coated in an outer skin of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), for example, which helps protect the slab in the event of harsh weather and heavy rainfall. Any implemented colours will continue to look good and the slab can keep performing for many years to come.

Secure and attractive composite doors from Associated

If you’d like to take the front of your home to the next level with a high-performance composite door, Associated Windows heartily recommend them. Offering homeowners the best style, security, and performance, they’re ideal for properties old and new thanks to a wildly versatile aesthetic style. Contact the team today on 0117 9311777 or send us an online message.

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