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Will double glazing really improve your house’s value?

Double glazing is one of the most popular home-improvement solutions in the UK. Homeowners regularly choose to upgrade single glazing to double with the idea that it’ll benefit their home.… Read more

How many people live in Bristol? And 7 other Bristol stats.

According to Bristol City Council, the population of Bristol is estimated to be 459,300. However, this figure is expected to rise to over half a million by mid-2027. But that’s… Read more

What’s the difference between uPVC and composite doors?

Both uPVC and composite doors are regularly found upon the entranceways to people’s homes. But whilst they both fulfil the same purpose, they’re significantly different in a number of ways:… Read more

7 benefits to tiled roof conservatories over those with polycarbonate roofs

Whilst tiled roofs are suitable for new conservatory installations, they can also be used to replace existing glass or polycarbonate roofing. However, you may be asking yourself why would I… Read more

How can you tell if a window is double glazed? And why you need it in light of rising energy costs.

Are you curious to know whether or not your windows at home are double or single glazed? If so, you’re not alone and shouldn’t worry, because this short post contains… Read more

What size opening do you need for bifold doors?

Bifold doors are a versatile external door solution, available in a range of sizes and configurations. If you’re looking to fit them in your home, the size of the opening… Read more