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3 golden rules for buying new windows and doors

Giving your home a complete overhaul might seem like a monumental task at first, especially when opting to swap out your home’s windows and doors at the same time. Thankfully, whenever new windows and doors are needed, the team here at Associated Windows can help make the process as painless and hassle-free as possible, particularly once the 3 golden rules have been taken into consideration.

What are these golden rules you might ask? Read on to find out and save yourself a great deal of worry later in the process:

Red composite door with woodgrain effect

1. Ensure chosen colours/materials/styles match

It’s no secret. The first thing any budding home designer will notice when deciding what new windows and doors to settle on, is the sheer amount of choice available with either. PVCu or Aluminium? Casement or sash? Traditional or Contemporary? A lot of these questions can be easily answered simply by looking at your property’s existing aesthetic, age, and character.

Reside in a rural cottage or town house? Windows and doors engineered using timber effect PVCu will do just the trick. Live in the city? Aluminium tilt & turn windows act as a solid choice especially when used in tandem with a high performance composite door. Ensuring your home’s new windows and doors work in tandem with each other as well as the property itself is just as important.

Suddenly the aspect of choice becomes less daunting, more manageable, and provides the means to be creative without risk of aesthetic disruption.

2. Consider the required level of comfort/security

The type of area or district you reside in might play a large part on your security preferences. Regardless, all our windows and doors can be fitted with effective multi-point locking systems sure to help ward off any potential intruders and allow for better peace of mind. Comfort can also be increased with any one of our windows and doors thanks to thermally efficient design practices.

All styles generally come supplied to be fitted watertight for the upmost protection, not only against unwanted guests but the harshest of elements. Prior to buying new windows and doors however, certain styles will do this with varying degrees of success, so it pays to research the specific design that will suit your needs.

3. Do you want to prioritise style, performance, or both?

Depending on how thermally efficient your home already is, assuring your new windows and doors to a better job at saving energy might not be the top of your priority list. All our products achieve an energy rating as ‘A’ as standard practice, letting you focus on introducing or seamlessly blending your required sense of style and functionality.

Of course, should your budget allow it, it’s very possible for you to imbue your property with the very best of both. Think you’d like to benefit from an ‘A+’ energy rating and stamp out those draughts for good while also creating an aesthetic style that is unmatched and truly unique? Nothing is off limits when give the opportunity to replace your home’s windows and doors.

New windows and doors tailorable to your needs!

We hope that’s help clear up a couple of important factors to consider when taking the leap to buy a new set of windows and doors. If you’d like to know more about the options available to you, call our team on 0117 9311777 or contact us online today.