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5 top tips to keep your Bristol home safe this winter

Bristol’s population is expected to reach half a million by 2027 which is always great for the economy, but like any blooming city safety is a growing concern. With local police failing to identify suspects in 82% of the 1 in 10 burglary cases that are closed since 2011, it’s no wonder it’s a worry to Bristolian homeowners. With police budget cuts it’s become a worry to many local councillors that areas in Bristol & North Somerset will become a ‘’thieves paradise’’ if the county does not have the resources to investigate. There’s no better time to really check the following to make the best attempt at securing your home.

Here are our 5 top tips to prevent a break in as best you can:

1. Don’t ignore your front door

Modern front porch It’s easy to think most robberies happen through the back door, but it’s increasingly easier to pick locks & force entry to the primary entrance. Have you replaced your door in a while? Securing your family & home is the best reason to consider a new tougher door. Composite doors are known to be extremely solid; they utilise a complex mix of materials to reinforce the entrance door against intruders. Our composite doors also come with the market-leading locking systems from Ultion. The Ultion cylinders offer a ‘lockdown mode’ further preventing intruders gaining entry, even when snapped twice. A new door will also keep the cold out – it’s a great investment for many reasons!

2. Don’t advertise your winter getaway

Social media is playing an unfortunate part in helping burglars find out if your home is vacant. An innocent Facebook post about going to the iconic London Christmas markets for a weekend may make the job that much easier for a thief. Less sharing is probably better, and let a neighbour know you are away for more than a couple of nights so they can look out for unusual activity around your home.

3. Think about what you put in your shed

An average shed has £1000 worth of content according to Avon & Somerset Police, and this may be a real indication as to how many items of value are in your home if you keep this much in your shed. Individually locking high-value items, like bikes, is essential as these items are light & easy to take if not locked. They are also very hard to track once stolen. You can also register your valuables with a Police based scene, Immobilise.

4. Question the strangers, no matter how nice they seem. It’s a distraction tactic.

Unfortunately, this criminal tactic has duped many elderly homeowners in Bristol & the surrounding areas. A recent example saw a trio gang target a few homes in North Somerset where all homeowners were over 80. It’s easy to not want to see the worse in any situation but it’s very important to ask for credentials and to make sure any back doors are locked whilst you are in your home as this is how doorstep crimes like this work.

5. Check your uPVC windows are locked (not only to keep the cold out!)

Sounds like a simple one but if they are left on the latch or even closed but not locked, it won’t take a thief long to identify, with this costing you a lot more than the few minutes checking each time you leave your home. If a lock has broken, maybe it’s time to replace them for stronger, new uPVC double glazing windows. We have a large range to suit any Bristolian home no matter the style.

Contact Associated Windows for further advise about how to improve your home’s security with our large range of products.