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6 questions to ask yourself when buying bifolding doors

Black aluminium bifold door installation

While it’s natural for British homeowners to want to concentrate on perfecting the front of the home, creating the ideal rear-facing space can also be a worthwhile endeavour. Innovative and illuminating bifolding doors consistently prove themselves to be an ideal way of doing so, enhancing properties with both light and space. To help better educate those thinking about installing them, here are 6 questions to ask yourself when buying.

1. How many bifold panels will you need?

Bifolding doors are made up of multiple panels. Generally being installed in leaf configurations ranging between 2 and 7. This allows them to fill a wide range of aperture sizes and widths, meaning that almost every homeowner can experience their benefits regardless of available space. The minimalist nature brought with bifolds means creating a wall of glass, one which can give the impression of home that extends to the outside.

2. uPVC or aluminium?

Though not a question solely limited to bifolding doors, it’s important to decide to have them installed in either low-maintenance uPVC or sleek aluminium. Both materials boast their own unique advantages, such as uPVC being slightly more affordable and easy to look after. On the other hand, however, aluminium allows for crisper sightlines and a stronger strength-to-weight ratio.

3. Which panel is best to be the master door?

Once installed, all bifolding door sets will feature a master door that will act as the main point of operation. The main panel capable of opening without the need to slide to one side, this can be configured to be any panel featured in the set but is most commonly the central leaf. The layout of your home could determine otherwise, with a panel further left or right making more sense in some cases.

4. Will flush thresholds be required?

A specific choice for those who want to enjoy the most seamless in/out entrances possible, flush thresholds are a necessity for wheelchair users especially. If implemented effectively, the bifolding doors will continue to operate smoothly and with ease regardless of threshold height. A problem that can occur with a flush threshold is rain penetration, but bifolding doors installed by Associated Windows come rebated to prevent this eventuality.

5. Inwards or outwards opening?

Like most patio door options, bifolding sets can be configured to open inwards or outwards to better prevent homeowners from having their interior space hindered. When stacked to one side in the fully closed position, bifolds need to hang – and you have the choice to hang them either inside or outside.

6. Traditional frame colour or something new?

As mentioned earlier bifolding doors can be installed in either uPVC or aluminium, but that doesn’t mean homeowners need stick to their base colours of White or Silver. Contemporary colouring techniques such as powder-coating ensure that any chosen colour can be successfully bonded with the long-term in mind, remaining vivid, eye-grabbing, and long-lasting for years to come.

Contemporary-style bifolding doors tailorable for every Bristol home

Hopefully that’s helped to stem some of the issues you think might arise when considering the beauty that comes with a high-performance set of bifold doors. For more information on why Associated Windows can make thus beauty a reality, call us on 0117 9311777 or send us an online message for a free quote.