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Are orangeries warmer than conservatories?

If we had a pound for every customer that’s asked us this question over the years, we would have retired by now and sailed off into the sunset to enjoy our fortune!

So, are orangeries warmer than conservatories?

Well, generally speaking, the short answer is yes.

Why are orangeries warmer than conservatories?

Orangeries tend to have a more substantial design blueprint than your average conservatory, due to their partially solid, multi-layered construction. If you think about it, it makes sense that a solid roof combined with partially solid walls will retain heat a lot more efficiently in comparison to an all-glass structure.

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Are orangeries better than conservatories?

We wouldn’t necessarily say orangeries are better than conservatories, as the benefits of conservatories suit many Bristol and North Somerset homeowners’ particular lifestyles and requirements. However, there are some noticeable qualities that orangeries hold that basic conservatories decidedly lack. These include:

  • A useable room that can be enjoyed all year round
  • Likely to add considerable value
  • Likely to reduce energy bills
  • More privacy
  • Range of thermally efficient roofing options to choose from
  • Provides the best of both worlds

Glazed conservatory in Chartwell green PVCu

How can I make my conservatory more efficient?

There are a number of ways you can improve the efficiency of your conservatory, including:

  • Add an insulated tiled roof, along with plastered vaulted ceilings
  • Upgrade to triple glazing
  • Toughen your double glazing
  • Install integral blinds
  • Change the flooring e.g. a large rug, carpet with thick underlay or underfloor heating
  • Invest in heaters
  • Install frosted, textured or patterned glass for extra privacy

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