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Can Bifold Doors open inwards? – How to personalise your Bifolds

Black aluminium bifold door installation

Bifold doors have continued to be a tantalising prospect for UK homeowners for the past couple years, being one of the most innovative and valued patio styles. Despite their complexity however, the Associated Windows team are here to tell you that, like any other option, bifold doors are wildly tailorable to you and your home’s exact needs, allowing for much personalisation to let all get the most out of your inside and outside living spaces.

Yes they can, but the fun doesn’t just stop there!

So first thing’s first, like any other available door option (French, Composite, Single), Bifold doors are more than capable of opening inwards rather than out, often being the preferred method in order to let homeowners make the most of their garden/patio area. Of course, the primary action necessary to open a bifold door is via sliding to one side, but due to each leaf’s need to fold concertina-style, there is a choice to be made with regards to having them open out or in.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, it’s worth knowing that there are multiple configuration options possible with every bifold door set. From extensive handles and hardware choices that can prioritise effortless function or attractive style, frosted, stained, and obscure glazing integration, to 2-7 bifold panel widths, with bifold doors, you can tailor them to your exact liking.

A natural gliding motion in every conceivable configuration

Bifolds are renowned for their incredible ease of use. After all, the last thing homeowners want to have to contend with upon returning home after a long day is frustration when the time comes to step outside. Thankfully with even the most custom of bifolds from Associated Windows, their smooth sliding nature remains successfully intact, giving them appreciated lasting appeal.

Only the slightest push is needed to instantly reveal the attractive beauty of your home’s outside garden, opening up even the widest of apertures. Following this, each uPVC or aluminium bifold panel will stack neatly alongside one another (hanging inwards or outwards), seamlessly blurring the line between living spaces.

Colour, colour everywhere!

Just because there is an extensive suite of technical configuration possibilities with bifolds, doesn’t mean that the same can be said with regards to style. Specifically tailored to suit either you or your home’s bespoke personality, in either uPVC or aluminium we spoil homeowners with a near-limitless choice of RAL colours. From distinct Reds to subtle Anthracite Grey, all can be applied to every bifold door lead, acting as the personable cherry on top of the cake.

Personable bifold doors from Associated Windows

So if you’d like to enjoy a high performance set of bifold doors that not only open inwards, but provide a slew of configuration options capable of making them more personable, talk to Associated Windows today. You can reach us either via phone on 0117 9311777 or online message.