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Buying a Victorian Conservatory? 6 reasons to go for UPVC over timber

Conservatories in the UK are quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception, particularly those engineered in uPVC. The reason for this can be narrowed down to a single one, but in fact many, as uPVC conservatories attract homeowners in ways those manufactured in timber simply never could. To find out more why your new Victorian Conservatory should be uPVC, we’ve created a simple rundown.

White uPVC victorian conservatory

1. Exceedingly low maintenance

A long sought-after quality of uPVC over other available materials, isn’t just limited to Victorian conservatories, but is in fact universal. Once fitted, nobody wants to spend time they could otherwise be enjoying them, Thankfully, uPVC is, always has been, incredibly low maintenance. That means that your conservatory will never require repainting or varnishing to stay looking good as the day it was installed. Simply wipe down with a cloth on occasion, whenever it gets dirtied.

2. Flexible to almost any conceivable shape

Whereas timber isn’t a very malleable material, uPVC by contrast is much easier to form. The Associated Windows range alone offers homeowners the ability to enjoy Edwardian, Lean To, Gable, and Combination in addition to the Victorian conservatory style, meaning it’s easy to accommodate a range of available outside spaces. Tall or wide, small or large, there’s a uPVC conservatory suited to everyone.

3. Highly affordable for homeowners on a budget

It’s no secret that uPVC is relatively affordable compared to either aluminium or timber, but that doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. We at Associated Windows only offer residents in Bristol products engineered using the finest uPVC systems, letting them take extra strides towards their dream home at a price that won’t break the bank.

4. Matches traditional timber’s energy efficiency levels

While it’s absolutely true that timber’s intern cell structure makes it a natural insulator, and therefore a great choice for those wanting to keep thermal retention high, uPVC similarly is able to achieve impressively low U-values. Technical features such as internal multi-chambers that prevents heat from escaping and double glazing integration allows our conservatories to come A-rated as standard.

5. Resistant to rot and corrosion

Part of the role of a conservatory is to withstand the natural extremities the weather and rain can sometimes bring. Thankfully, uPVC is highly rot and corrosion resistant, letting homeowners feel confident about their extended space investment no matter how much water hits it year upon year. Certain steps need to be taken to achieve the same with a timber conservatory, but uPVC can do this naturally.

6. A wide array of colours to choose from

Though most promotional material and brochure images would have you think otherwise, White isn’t the only colour your uPVC conservatory is limited to. If suitable, there’s a whole spectrum of RAL colours that includes classic tones like Chartwell Green as well as more experimental shades like Aubergine.

Extend your home in style with conservatories from Associated Windows

Hopefully that’s helped to highlight just some of the ways a uPVC can be advantageous over a traditional timber one. If you’d like to learn more, call the Associated Windows team today on0117 9311777 or send us an online message. We’ll get a free quote back to you promptly.