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What are composite doors made of?

Grey composite entrance door from Associated Windows in Bristol

Secure, safe, stunning, and reliable, since their introduction to the market some 10 years ago, composite doors have been named a lot of things. Yet one aspect of the entrance style we at Associated Windows are keen on addressing however, is giving homeowners a greater understanding as to the various materials, craftsmanship, and effort that goes into making every composite we produce.

More than simply a necessary entranceway in which to greet you upon returning home after work each evening. Our range of composites might be a great looking door, but they’re also so much more!

Crafted in South Wales, every composite door is made with care

Though based in Bristol, we’re firm believers that the country’s very best composite doors are crafted in the heart of South Wales, just a stone’s throw away from our main base of operation. Engineered using an acute combination of human workmanship and precise technical engineering, what are composite doors made of? The best of both man and machine.

Opting for such a high level of quality composite door supplier allows the Associated Windows team to pass these benefits onto you, the homeowner. Each panel has been recognised by the strictest standards of fire and weather-resistance, draught exclusion and security capability, resulting in an entrance design that always looks great but performs even better.

Composite by name, composite in nature

The term ‘composite’, by definition, suggests a product made up of various parts or elements, and this for the most part is accurate when it comes to our selection of composite doors. At a basic level, all our units come formed using a material known as GRP (high impact glass-reinforced polymer), which offers the traditional look and feel of timber combined with the low-maintenance sensibilities modern homeowners expect.

Opting for such a high-performing material such as GRP layered on top of a multi-layered internal core results in some of the very best heat retention, garnering an energy rating of ‘A’. Though made to look like timber, by comparison our composite variants are designed to be strong, long-lasting yet surprisingly affordable.

Composite door in blue with decorative glass panel

Finishing touches that complete the quality package

Depending on personal preferences and home styles, alongside our composites we offer a suite of additional glazing and sidelight options that help add a splash of personality. Additional elements such as these come supplied and integrated from materials that are equally as impressive, with composite frames utilising wholly durable Spectus Elite 70 uPVC.

Step into your home with confidence with composite doors from Associated

Hopefully we’ve helped to shed a little more light onto some of the thinking and practices that goes into our range of high performance and attractive composite doors. If you’d like to know more or discuss how a composite door can improve your home, call us on 0117 9311777 or send us an online message.