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Are conservatories still popular in 2017?

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It’s hard to imagine there being a home out there in 2017 having still not opted to add a fully glazed extension. After all, their natural ability to add lashings of extra space and natural light is an invaluable asset to many modern homeowners. Such thinking would lead the average person to believe that conservatories are on the decline in terms of popularity, when in actual fact they’re more popular than ever! Let’s explore why this is:

44% of UK homeowners want to increase the size of their property

In a recent survey, it was revealed that 44% of British homeowners were actively interested in increasing the size of their property, the majority aged between 35 and 54. That’s just under half of the population! Such a large portion does a lot to indicate that conservatories aren’t going anywhere, still remaining a popular addition to many properties in 2017 and beyond.

It’s theorised that the major reasoning behind this tact, is the simple fact that the prospect of adding a form of home extension is much more cost-effective when compared to entering the increasingly expensive property market. The economic uncertainty brought on by Britain’s decision to leave the European Union last year also plays a major factor, with sterling not stretching as far as it once did previously. Applying for planning permission has also become a more seamless since a change of legislation in 2012, removing certain restrictions on the homeowner and increasing flexibility.

A sure-fire method of adding value to the home

As well as the ability to add financial value of anywhere up to £9,000, conservatories do a lot to improve the lifestyle of the average homeowner, and these advantages haven’t changed. Modern designs still have the opportunity to spoil any property with plenty of extra space, useable 365 days a year thanks to contemporary thermal-proofing and energy efficiency techniques. This means you’ll be able to keep warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

Conservatories also excel in terms of giving properties a more natural feel, thanks to the flood of natural light that will be able to effortlessly roll in. If you’re someone who frequently struggles to feel close to the outside beauty of your garden who are aching to more seamlessly bur the line between internal and external living spaces, conservatories deliver tenfold. Especially if installed by the Associated Windows team, all come made to measure for a perfect fit every time.

A myriad of attractive conservatory designs to suit all types of home

Conservatory manufacturers and installers like us frequently recognise the steady popularity of extending the home, and as such are always innovating and developing in order to keep up with the understandably high demand from modern homeowners. By doing this we can create better and new modern designs, known by different names.

Classic styles like Victorian and Edwardian still exist and always will, but more advanced choices like Lean-to and P-Shape are ideal to accommodate contemporary properties.

Conservatories are here to stay for the indefinite future

If you’re a homeowner who’s been waiting for the perfect time to feed your home’s hunger for an extension, Associated Windows can help. From inherently traditional designs to fully glazed alternate that lean a little more towards the modern side, all come perfectly constructed to remain weathertight all round and act as the perfect way to relax in the home.

For more information regarding any of our product and services, feel free to call a member of our team today either via online message or on 0117 9311777.