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Conservatory or extension, which is the better option?

Tilt and turn windows installed with new conservatory

As much as we don’t care to admit it, most UK homeowners wouldn’t say no to a little more extra space. It used to be that a full-scale home extension was the most obvious choice, but with modern conservatories now able to far exceed the desired levels of comfort and efficiency, this preference today might not be so clear.

So to help give Bristol homeowners a better idea about which makes the most sense for them and their household, we’re here to highlight the differences between conservatories and extensions.

What’s the difference between a conservatory and extension?

Simply put, a full-scale home extension refers to any additional structure for the home that’s stylistically and anatomically in-keeping with your main household. Often requiring planning permission unless classified as a permitted development, extensions are made up of opaque cavity walls, strong brick-based foundations, and are a massive undertaking that will need the work of an architect.

By comparison, conservatories or “glazed extensions” are expectantly utilise large portions of glazing surround, perfect for homeowners wanting to stay comfortable while enjoying outside beauty. They’re typically less of a logistical strain since they largely don’t require planning permission, and have generally improved over the years to match a traditional extension’s levels of insulation and comfort.

Contemporary conservatories that share more with extensions than you’d think

Installed on a project-by-project basis to always achieve the perfect fit, modern conservatories come engineered in high-quality uPVC profile that is as flexible as it is low-maintenance. This allows for better versatility in terms of size and style when compared to a full-scale home extension, with styles like Edwardian, Gable, and Lean To each assuring that no homeowner need miss out on more living space.

Particularly if fitted with A-rated windows and doors as those featured in the Associated Windows range do, your new conservatory can expertly balance temperature levels to keep the space cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Much like an extension, you’ll be able to use it 365 days a year rather than just the Spring or Summer. And all while looking upon the natural beauty of your home’s outside.

Added value financially as well as practically

Both types of extended living space will reliably serve to facilitate a multitude of home applications, whether that’s as a kitchen, play space, or added dining room, etc. Bold design ideas can also radically transform the visual impact of the increased living area. However, homeowners looking to increase the financial value of their household can also rest comfortably, knowing that should they sell up, a conservatory is also a much sought-after feature. Putting your home on the market will likely be a far quicker process.

Conservatories from Associated that offer added space and so much more

At Associated Windows, we’ve continued to grow and develop alongside all the many technological advancements had by modern conservatories. Vastly improved since the days of the 1980s, now uPVC conservatories are more effective at delivering the kind of experience 21st century homeowners look for.

To find out more about how our team can help you realise your home ambition, give us a call on 0117 9311777 or send us an online message to receive a free quote.