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Four great ideas for bay windows guaranteed to turn heads

White sliding sash bay windows

When one casement window simply isn’t enough, bay windows are bound to do the trick. An inherently historical style of window you’d typically expect to find in Victorian and 19th century homes, today the style still offers a lot of advantages to modern homeowners. For those wanting to take theirs to the next level, however, we’ve put together a couple of ideas for bay windows that will most certainly make your property the talk of the street.

1. Choose a distinct colour finish

It might seem obvious, but if you’re in the process of replacing your existing bay windows for some shiny new replacements it could be worth considering an unorthodox colour finish. After all, while it’d be easy to opt for a simple colour like White or a classic tone like Rosewood that’s in-keeping with the style’s vintage tendencies, a finish like Deep Green, Royal Blue, or Cheery Red, may better compliment the home and make it feel more distinct.

2. Floor-length curtains that creates a centrepiece

Hoping to draw attention to your bay windows’ beauty the first time someone enters the living space? Fitting them with floor-length curtains either side of the set not only means being able to better define space when closed, but that an attractive and dramatic effect is successfully accomplished. You’ll have easy control of light entry and your bay windows can act as the ultimate centrepiece.

3. Astragal bars which emphasise natural authenticity

Those looking to heavily lean into the bay window style’s authenticity can still be creative, thanks to the large amount of customisation available with astragal bar patterns. Astragal bars, for those unaware, create the grid-like aesthetic you’ll likely see in many traditional window designs. They were originally required to accommodate the large glazing weight boasted by timber frames, now however, they’re a modern design choice. Six over two, vice versa, or any other pattern. Our bay windows can accomplish your preferred layout.

4. Accessorize the bay window alcove

One of the many beauties brought by bay windows is the extra space offered. At their peak, homeowners can enjoy up to 3ft of extra living space, but how should you best utilise it? It’s the perfect opportunity to make a fashion statement, with the alcove being ripe for accessorizing. Doing this could mean anything from sporadically laying out cushions, setting down a small throw, to other luxurious window treatments.

Ideas for bay windows that help you make the most of them

When it comes to finding inspiration for your bay windows, you might surprise yourself at the number of creative avenues possible. If you’re considering having a set installed or wish to replace your existing bay windows for a high performance replacement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Associated Windows today.