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How long do double glazed windows last?

Rosewood uPVC bay window and casement windowsDouble glazing usually lasts for around 20 years, although this can vary from 10-35 years depending on the quality of the materials used, installation quality and weather exposure. Once your glazing has failed, it might still be able to perform the basic functions expected of windows but its thermal performance is likely to be significantly reduced. This is because, over time, the inert gas that is fitted between the sealed unit will begin to seep out, resulting in less heat being trapped between the panes of glass. Once this happens, you should consider replacing your double glazing.

Window replacement

If your windows have failed, they’ll be unable to retain lots of heat, meaning you’ll have to pay more to warm your home. Therefore, it’s important to think about window replacement. If opting for replacements from Associated, you can benefit from a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A as standard. This means the previously lost heat will be kept inside your home and you can save on your energy costs.

Adding house value

Improving your home’s thermal performance is not the only benefit of replacing your windows; new double glazing will almost certainly add value to your home, however, this is provided the replacements are suitable. Suitable replacement windows will enhance or maintain the character of your existing home, therefore it’s important to think carefully about which style and material are best suited to your property. As window experts, Associated Windows can help.

For a more detailed analysis of the potential value added with double glazing, check out our blog on will double glazing really improve your house’s value?

Which? Trusted Trader

It’s important that, when choosing new windows, you opt for a reputable installer with a history of quality installations. Poor materials and poor workmanship are unlikely to result in a high-quality window with a long lifespan. As a Which? Trusted trader, Associated Windows guarantees high-quality products and impeccable workmanship every time. Don’t believe us? Perhaps our FENSA accreditation and 9.82 rating on will go some way to changing your mind.

Upgrade to triple glazing?

Although double glazing is more than likely to meet your requirements, when replacing your windows, you may opt for triple glazing instead. Triple glazing offers the homeowner an extra boost to thermal efficiency, security and soundproofing. So if you require any, or all, of these benefits, triple glazing is the way to go.

Flexible finance options

The costs of payments can be spread out to suit you with our flexible finance options; our pay monthly plan allows you to enjoy low monthly repayments for up to 10 years, meaning you never have to pay a large lump sum, unless you want to!

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Looking to replace the double glazing on your home? Associated Windows can help, although we also install doors, conservatories and more to homes throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas. For more information, get in touch. Or for a look at our product range, why not check out our website.