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How to decorate your house on the outside

uPVC sliding sash windows

When overhauling your property’s aesthetic or design in any way, it can be all too easy to overlook the simple things. Windows are no longer merely the conduit in which to let light through or provide generous outside views, but also a method of making a stylistic statement. An effective form of decorating your property on the outside, here’s how to make the most of them!

Windows: The eyes to the home and so much more

When looking at a property from the outside, it’s almost impossible to ignore the windows. We as humans are notoriously curious creatures, and as such can’t help but sneak the odd look through the eyes of the home. It’s for this reason that it’s important to get things right, but thankfully due to the vast number of window styles available, your perfect windows are only ever one step away.

Simple casement windows do a great job at making your home look distinct and attractive, while tilt & turn windows prioritise function just as much style. Alternatively for traditional homes, sliding sash windows deliver an authentic aesthetic without any of the historical drawbacks. Bay/bow windows offer the opportunity to even extend the home, giving more value to the potential of customisation.

A near-limitless colour range for added personalisation

It’s easier than ever to add a splash of personality to your windows thanks to the hundreds of colours that can be applied to the frames. From the unique vibrancy of Wine Red to the charming subtlety of Chartwell Green, regardless of whether your home was built in 1917 or 2017, there’s bound to be an ideal tone or shade for your house style and personal preference.

Better yet, modern day engineering and development practices helps to ensure that any applied colour will always stand the test of time. It used to be that with windows (especially PVCu), following a long period of exposure to the sun the frames would be at risk of fading or decolourisation. This is no longer a fear when decorating your house outside using windows, instead being a reliable method of adding in identity.

Beautiful style in either PVCu or aluminium

Your chosen window material will be largely dependent on both glazing preference and budget. Aluminium frames, for example, typically are more expensive but can accommodate larger glass panels to make for better outside views, while alternatively, PVCu is much more affordable and therefore might best be suited to properties with more apertures.

Make your home the talk of the street with windows from Associated

Much more than just a necessary application, taking the time to think about the specific colour and style of your property’s windows can have a tremendous effect when decorating the home. For more information about the best way to approach this, feel free to contact our team either via 0117 931 1777 or send us an online message.