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Do you need planning permission for orangeries?

White uPVC orangery and lantern roof

If we had a penny for every time a homeowner responded “yes” to the prospect of having an orangery added to their property, we’d be able to retire and become millionaires. Sadly, until then, we can inform local residents in and around Bristol about all they need to know when considering an orangery, especially as and when you need to worry about planning permission.

Much-appreciated extended space that’s less hassle than you might think

The very sound of the words “planning permission” can often prove off-putting for most homeowners, and this is understandable. A long and exhausting process with endless paperwork on the rare occasion it is required, it’s more than possible to ensure that your planned orangery doesn’t require planning permission, providing it is a certain type of permitted development.

The good news is that current permitted development rights now allow for the installation of many Orangeries without planning permission, but this can come at the cost of their size and material construction if you wish to avoid building regulations necessities. Simply put, the more complex your ideal structure, the increased likelihood planning permission will come into effect.

General rules to follow if you want to avoid planning permission:

  • The structure does not exceed over half the length of the main property
  • Your orangery is built at ground level, and covers less than 30 square metres with its floor space
  • External quality door(s) are used to sperate your orangery and house from each other
  • Your orangery cannot incorporate veranda, balcony, or raised platform
  • Your orangery’s glazing and internal electrics set-up complies with applicable building regulations

Experience the joys only orangeries can offer

So why should you even consider an orangery at all? Sitting comfortably somewhere between a conservatory and full-scale extension, orangeries allow you to experience the atmosphere and feel of your garden area while remaining in the comfort of the inside. Typically constructed using a brickwork base, orangeries feel like a more natural part of the home as opposed to a separate area.

In addition to this more ‘homely’ feel, orangeries can make use of multiple roof types and materials, from fully-glazed options that let in large influxes of light to tiled styles that keep energy efficiency levels high. Though an investment, orangeries improve upon conservatories in almost every way and offer greater flexibility.

Attractive orangery installations from Associated Windows

Hopefully we’ve helped you feel a little more confident about opting to add a conservatory onto your home. If you’d like to know more about the process of planning permission and whether or not your intended design will require it, call us today on 0117 9311777 or contact us online.