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Orangeries aren’t just for summer – plan your Pinterest style space!

White uPVC orangery and lantern roof

Just because it isn’t Summer doesn’t mean that you should be left out in the cold during the cooler months, with orangeries acting as an ideal recreational area if insulated correctly. In fact, we at Associated Windows think there’s no better way to avoid SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern.

So how should you approach installing an orangery out of season? We turn to popular sharing site Pinterest for inspiration!

A tropical paradise?

Okay, so while the sun might be an evasive presence at the moment, you can still achieve the look and feel of a tropical paradise within your orangery with the addition of beautiful plants and greenery. Such a tact would work well to avoid the likelihood of any ‘Winter depression’ occurring, and you can remove yourself from the dreariness of the rain. Here are some examples of orangeries that adopt the tropical paradise feel:

White uPVC orangery with a lantern roof

Letting sunlight shine through

Though orangeries are typically preferred over conservatories for their ability to incorporate more solid structure elements like cavity walls, there’s no rule that makes opting for a glazed roof impossible. In fact, choosing to implement a glass roof rather than a solid one into your orangery means that you’ll be able to make use of what natural light does make itself known in the Spring, letting you soak up the precious Vitamin D and avoiding the Wintery blues. Here are some examples:

And now for something completely different…

The third and final Pinterest orangery idea we’ve happened upon is a wildcard choice if ever there was one, but at the same time nothing says, “you can’t get me down Winter season!” than an orangery with a patio on top. Yes, you heard that correct, while it’s not something we at Associated Windows have personally experimented with before, this concept is a pretty good way to prepare yourself for the oncoming Summer while still enjoying the space presently.

Orangeries usable 365 days a year from Associated Windows

As we hope to have proven, orangeries are a home addition that can not only help homeowners avoid SAD, but also make the most of their living space all year round. If you’d like to enquire more, contact us today either via phone on 0117 9311777 or send us an online message.