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Do you need planning permission to put a tiled roof on a conservatory?

With winter just around the corner, warming up the home is a big priority with many homeowners. For conservatory owners, replacing the conservatory roof with a tiled version is a sure way to warm this part of the home. This is because polycarbonate and old glass roofs are notorious for heat loss. If you fall into this category, you may have wondered if planning permission is required to put a tiled roof on a conservatory. So, as installers and experts of tiled roof conservatories, we thought we’d try to clear up the issue.

Is planning permission required to replace a conservatory roof with a tiled roof?

At the risk of oversimplifying, the answer for this is no. Planning regulations were changed to allow conservatories to have a tiled/solid roof back in 2010. Prior to their changing, to be exempt from planning permission, conservatories had to have 75% of the roof glazed.

Plus, planning permission is, generally, only required when the initial conservatory structure is built. However, if the previous height of the conservatory is altered, planning permission may be required. But even though it’s unlikely for planning permission to be required, you might still need building regulations approval.

What are Building Regulations?

Building Regulations set out standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure they’re safe and comfortable to use.

When changing a conservatory roof, it’s essential to determine whether the conservatory structure is able to support a tiled roof. To do this, a conservatory company or relevant authority will carry out a survey. This is important for establishing whether or not a tiled roof will compromise the safety of those using the conservatory. If you have the work performed by a member of a competent person scheme, you will not need to acquire building regulations approval yourself. The company performing the work will take care of that for you. Associated Windows are a member of FENSA, a competent person scheme authorised by the UK government. Therefore, we will take care of the necessary approvals for you.

Can I build a tiled roof conservatory without planning permission?

Those currently without a conservatory can have a tiled roof conservatory built onto their property without planning permission. However, this is only if they abide by the following criteria:

  • Its width does not exceed half the width of your property
  • No verandas, balconies, or raised platforms are present
  • The height does not exceed the highest part of your property’s roof
  • It does not extend beyond the main property’s front or side elevation
  • If fitted onto the side of your home, its height is lower than 4 metres

However, further restrictions may apply if living in a conservation area or listed building. In such areas, it’s important to contact the local planning authority to establish if planning permission is required.

A tiled roof can transform an existing conservatory into a comfortable living space, suitable for year-round usage. Their thermally efficient designs will almost certainly lower the energy cost to heat your conservatory, plus their vaulted ceilings ensure they feel more like an extension of your home. For more information on tiled roof conservatories call Associated Windows on 0117 9311777 or contact us online.