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7 things you need to think about when replacing bay windows

White PVCu bay window

So congratulations, you’ve done the hard part and whittled down your home’s replacement windows to an attractive and elegant bay window style, but alas there are a few boxes left to check off. From size considerations to the prospect of adding extra space that come when replacing bay windows, we here at Associated have put together some handy ancillary things to think about:

1. How many casements should you integrate?

The first aspect you can’t help but notice, is how incredibly versatile bay windows are. Made up of a series of casement window profiles neatly stacked up alongside one another, the number integrated will be larger dependant on the size of your home’s aperture. Our team can work with you to correctly measure up the size and shaped bay windows you’ll need, installing them to be weathertight.

2. Would a bay or bow design suit better?

If your home is already making use of the traditional style, when replacing bay windows it might be worth considering whether you could benefit from a curved design, commonly referred to as bow windows. The concept is overall the same, but Bow windows successfully expand on their bay window counterpart, joining multiple casements at equal angles. This helps to create a smooth curve whilst still treating you to that extra bit of living space.

3. Do you want to make use of textured glazing?

While bay windows are in general often considered quite revealing due to their tendencies to make use of more casements, this thankfully doesn’t have to come at the cost of privacy. Our entire bay window range can integrate a suite of attractive textured glazing patterns that look great and obscure transparency for increased privacy, letting you feel safe and comfortable within the sanctity of your own home.

4. What will you be able to do with the extra space?

Whereas other styles of window simply give the impression of an extended space, bay windows do away with this illusion and delivers on the promise. The design of bay windows lets them protrude from the outer wall of the building in which they are installed, and this little bit of appreciated extra space is the perfect area to cosy up with a book, turn into a little alcove and more. Suddenly, the entire ambience of the room is changed.

White sliding sash bay windows

5. Will bay windows suit your style of home?

A traditional British style of window dating way back before the Victorian period, bay windows are inherently classical in design, but the wide number of configuration options makes them tailorable to even the most modern of residential home. A choice of over 150 RAL colours means we can expertly match their defined aesthetic to any age or style of property, though a suite of convincing woodgrain foil options makes them ideal to replace original timber frames.

6. What hardware options are available to you?

Homeowners look to be creative when replacing bay windows can also take heart knowing that these levels of customisation crossover to the number of hardware options available too. From gorgeous monkey tail handles to smooth and efficient butt hinges, both make a point of being wear and tear resistant, whether you opt to utilise hardware from MACO, Yale, and Fab & Fix to help keep you safe within the home.

7. How energy efficient are bay windows?

Utilising an effective 5 multi-chambered internal design within each frame profile, every bay window installed by the Associated Windows team comes fitted to be weathertight, locking in heat to make for a far more comfortable home. Especially when combined with glazing from Planitherm Total+, homeowners can enjoy a historical style without fear of the historical draughts.


Give yourself the gift of a bay window from Associated Windows

We hope this blog has helped lay to rest any unanswered questions or concerns that plagued you when thinking about replacing bay windows. Simply put they’re an undeniably classic yet beautiful design that has something to offer for new and traditional properties alike. For more information on any of our services and products, call us on 0117 9311777 or contact us online today.