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How to tastefully decorate your home exterior

Golden oak effect uPVC entrance door and casement windows

If you’re constantly striving to render your home the talk of the street, it’s important to make a big impression aesthetically with its exterior style. Depending on where in Bristol you live, this isn’t always an easy thing to achieve. Thankfully we at Associated Windows have picked up a few top tips on how to tastefully decorate your home exterior during our years working in the area.

Well-suiting window and door styles

The first thing to ensure is that the windows and doors integrated in the front of your home is in-line with the rest of your property’s aesthetic. For example, sliding sash windows naturally tie in perfectly with traditional households, while innovative tilt and turn windows make sense within more modern developments. From here you can then experiment further with colours and finishes.

The colour suite available with our range of windows and doors is appropriately varied, featuring tones and shades that are both expected as well as some that aren’t. Here’s where homeowners have the chance to be truly creative, applying an unexpected splash of colour within a style that still makes sense for the building.

Co-ordinate your colours

Speaking of colours, we’d always recommend co-ordinating those of your windows and door, so they successfully correspond with each other. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are coated in the exact same finish, just that paying some thought about how they will stack up alongside one another goes a long way. Popular colour combinations include: Black and White, Purple and Blue, and Blue and White.

Embrace the beauty of nature

An often-overlooked method of tastefully decorating your property’s street-facing side, is via the arrangement of greenery. Shrubs, bushes, and plants are a powerful tool in grabbing the eye of passers-by, even for properties that aren’t blessed with a front garden. They’re easy to take care of and excel at providing a feeling of refreshment 365 days a year.

Helping you transform your home’s front side to the better side

Take on board these top tips and we’re confident that you’ll be able to confidently decorate your property’s exterior in the most tasteful manner possible. To learn more, call us today on 0117 9311777 or send us an online message.