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The 3 more unknown benefits of double glazing

A PVCu tilt and turn window with view onto the garden

When you think of the term double glazing, what immediately pops into your mind? Many of us will already understand that double glazed units are specifically designed to reduce heat loss from Bristol’s homes and buildings, which in-turn keeps your home warmer and generally more thermally efficient (if not, you do now!). It’s also common knowledge that double glazing is an excellent way to reduce excess moisture, preventing condensation and the possibility of troublesome black mould from developing in the home. As well as its obvious noise reducing and security enhancing qualities, what other benefits could there possibly be that are still unknown?! Well, carry on reading and we’ll enlighten you!

Boosts resale value

More often than not, purchasing double glazing enhances the buildings aesthetics as well as its thermal efficient prospects. Generally, this makes properties more desirable to prospective Bristol buyers in the long run; older homes in particular.

Structural preservation

Installing double glazing not only enhances your homes look, it will actually preserve its structure for many years to come. Double glazing prevents the original window frame from rotting, warping or leaking and thus proactively preserves the rest of the buildings structure from risk of irreversible deterioration and damage.

Additional health benefits

Double glazed units that utilize warm edge technology offer notably improved air quality. Warm edge technology is a generic term used by the glazing industry for any spacer bar system that performs more efficiently than highly conductive metal spacer bars. Spacer bars separate the individual panes of glass that create the airtight cavity of the double-glazed unit, which prevents condensation from forming within the window and the building. So, non-metal window spacer bars used within double glazed windows maintain ‘health smart’ humidity levels, preventing bacteria and viruses from forming and thriving.

Double glazing Bristol

If you’re considering a double-glazed installation for your Bristol or North Somerset home in the near future or you’d like more information, contact a member of our team on 0117 9311777 or get in touch online today.