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What is a lean to conservatory?

Adding some much-appreciated living space to the home is becoming more common amongst UK homeowners. After all, if you have it, why not use it? For the longest time the elegance of an extension was locked off for a certain portion of the population, with many not blessed with much extra outside space. Styles like Victorian and Gable were previously not possible, but thanks to the advent of lean to, almost any home can enjoy the benefits a conservatory brings.

The perfect way to add more space without much space

Ideal for letting homeowners capitalise on what little space they might have, lean to conservatories earn their title due to their tendency “lean” neatly on the side of the home. They almost always feature a rectangular floor plan layout, typically boasting a simple angled roof with flat sides. Most lean to conservatory roofs can be pitched to an angle that best suits your home, but all offer maximum space for the most economical of locations.

Also sometimes referred to as garden rooms or sun rooms, lean to conservatories benefit from their inherently simple design in multiple ways. For one, they are a lot more inexpensive when compared to the lavish and multi-faceted designs of say, P-Shape conservatories. They are also far quicker to erect because of the simplicity, giving homeowners the chance to get enjoying their new addition much sooner.

An economical design for a contemporary look

Whereas Victorian, Edwardian, and Gable conservatory styles take influence from the past in order to offer homeowners a versatile space, lean to conservatories are the opposite in many ways. For one, most do away with the rather ornate and intricate design elements indicative of such classic styles, instead keeping things stripped-back and simple for an undeniably modern style.

In addition to this, lean to conservatories tend to feel more “homely” than other available designs, being more snug and therefore treated as a natural extension as opposed to a wholly extra entity. However you’re planning on using the space be it for professional, recreational, or occasional purposes, every lean to conservatory easily generates a welcoming atmosphere within a stylish shell.

Lashings of natural light with comfortable temperature-balancing

Of course, though a much simpler design, lean to conservatories still offer homeowners the renowned benefits glazed extensions have been providing for decades. Crystal clear glazing helps to ensure plenty of natural light can enter, while sleek uPVC frames facilitate generously slim sightlines for better views of your garden. You’ll instantly feel closer to nature while remaining in the comfort of your own home.

Less is more with a Lean to conservatory from Associated Windows

If you’re a homeowner with limited outside space, believe us when we say that a lean to conservatory can still spoil you with space and light. If you’d like to discover more about how or want to receive a free quote, feel free to contact the team either via phone or online message.