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What you need to know about house extensions

White uPVC conservatory with a red tiled roof

Few homeowners can deny the alluring temptation that is the act of extending their home. The thoughts that play on one’s mind when the prospect of appreciated extra living space is on the cards flitter to everything from a Summer relaxation space to added dining area. We at Associated Windows make it our ambition to help UK residents achieve whatever they hope to accomplish. However, there are a few things about house extensions worth keeping in mind before getting started!

There are plenty of house extension styles at your fingertips

It’s easy to place house extension styles into one of three camps: Conservatory, Orangery, and True Extension. For the purposes of speed and convenience Associated Windows specialise in the construction of the first two specifically, offering fully or partially-glazed living spaces that are the perfect means to improve both space and light.

Conservatories and orangeries might have to adhere by their own individual design rules (the former is fully-glazed while the latter boasts brick pillar wall construction and solid foundation), but both still allow for a large degree of configurability. Classic designs like Edwardian, Victorian, and Gable all feature ornate roof pitches, for example, while more modern shapes like combination and P-shape spoil homeowners with far more extra space. As can be seen, once settling on a conservatory or orangery there are still plenty of ways to make your house extension unique.

Extensions can be tailored to your specific needs and wants

Speaking of making your house extension unique, a range of design choices can help emphasis certain aspects such as thermal efficiency, security, and ever-popular light-enhancement. Here at associated Windows, for example, roof lanterns serve as the best way to maintain a strong sense of security with your extension while giving the space a more ‘natural’ feel thanks to strong influxes of sunlight.

Outside of strict roofing styles like lantern, glazed, or tiled, conservatories can also integrate such features as textured glazing which help maintain a comforting sense of privacy for those who want it. A suite of attractive tones and shades fill out the colour finishes possible with every extension our team install too, making it easy for homeowners to enjoy added living space that makes sense within the established property aesthetic.

They stay comfortable 365 days a year, not just Summer!

Most people understandably associate orangeries and orangeries with Summer. This makes sense given their ability to make you feel closer to the natural ambience of the outside, but they remain just as comfortable and welcoming in Winter thanks to innovative design factors. All supplied by us feature A-rated windows as standard, for example, utilising multli-chambered frames and Planitherm Total+ glass to better retain the inside heat.

Appreciated extra living space from Associated Windows

So there you have it! Even though the conceit behing adding a house extension onto your home is quite simple, there are still plenty of considerations homeowners should take to unlock their full potential. If you’d like to know more about them and what style might best suit your property contact the Associated Windows today on 0117 9311777 or send us an online message.