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Why choose aluminium windows for your Bristol home?

uPVC windows, while traditional, represent a simple but effective glazing solution suited to any style home. For those looking to take their property’s aesthetics and performance to the next level, however, aluminium represents a significant step up. There are several reasons for this. Chief amongst them being that they’re large design flexibility. However, there are other excuses to choose aluminium windows for your Bristol home.

Frames designed to retain heat within the home

Associated install aluminium windows using a thermally broken system – but don’t worry, this is a good thing! What this essential means is that the aluminium profiles we work integrated what’s known as a ‘thermal break’ capable of separating the cold air outside from the warmth within your home. This results in extremely high levels of energy efficiency, with A-rated window performance.

Because heat that would otherwise be able to escape from lesser designed windows is able to be locked in the home, it will appear and feel much more comfortable to be in. You’ll be able to rely less on your central heating, saving money on energy bills and start reaping the financial rewards in the long run. Simply put, aluminium windows can reduce heat loss by up to 60% and you will feel the ensuing benefits.

A sleek sense of style uPVC windows simply cannot match

One thing you can’t help but notice when comparing aluminium windows to their uPVC counterpart is how sleek the former is. Aluminium windows are inherently strong thanks to the natural high strength-to-weight ratio of the material, meaning that frames can boast a minimalist design and yet still withstand a large portion of glazing with ease.

uPVC is capable of accommodating the same amount of weight but will require chunkier frames and sightlines for this to be possible. Aluminium’s ability to do away with these means that all the thermal performance and aesthetic benefits can stay intact, all while boasting a sleek and crisp sense of style that will expertly suit the tastes of modern homeowners.

Strong frames that make for clearer outside views

Another advantage to having such strong frames is that homes fitted with them will be able to enjoy a wider outside view. So, if you live in a particularly picturesque area of Bristol or simply want to feel closer to the outside beauty it’s certainly the best choice. Larger glazing panes also allows sunlight to easily enter and better permeate your living space.

See things more clearly with aluminium windows from Associated

If you think that aluminium windows would be an asset to your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Associated Windows team today. With their contemporary aesthetic style and high thermal performance capabilities, we’re confident that they will appeal to most 21st century homeowners. Feel free to send us an online message to get things started.