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Smashed Window? A Step-by-step Crisis Guide

For most homeowners, having one of your window’s smashed, as unlikely as it may be, can be a very traumatising experience. What’s important to keep in mind should this happen, however, is to remain calm and keep a level head so as to not make any reckless decisions. As one of Bristol’s most trusted and experienced window installers, we at Associated Windows have unfortunately heard our fair share of horror stories in which local residents have suffered a smashed window.

To help prepare you on the rare chance you find yourself experiencing similar circumstances, we’ve outlined the correct steps to take in our dedicated crisis guide. If you would like to see the types of windows we have on offer please look through our online design tool!

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Ensure that your home is secure outside of the smash

The first thing to do in the event of a shattered window is to carefully secure your property as soon as possible. Providing you’re comfortable doing so, it’s important to safely pick up and get rid of any broken shards, checking the areas directly either side of the window frame to avoid any nasty injuries later. All that’s required is a simple vacuum in and around said areas. It’s no secret that a broken window will compromise your home’s overall security, so we recommend calling up a double glazier for a replacement promptly.

Particularly if the smash has occurred late in the night, there’s a greater need to secure the premises even if the fix is just temporary. If you’re wondering how to board up a smashed window, most locksmiths can provide an emergency “board up” service providing that your window’s locks are still under warranty. This acts as a quick and effective way to protect your home until you can replace the smashed window fully.

Inform the police as soon as possible!

Someone smashed my house window! If you have good reason to believe that your smashed house window was a purposeful act of vandalism or burglary, it’s highly recommended that you call the police right away to let them know what’s happened. Tell-tale signs that this is the case can include but are not limited to; blood spots, tools, and unfamiliar clothing. If you identify any one of these or anything else suspicious, contact the police to make them aware of the situation.

Why do windows shatter?

Commonly referred to as the eyes of the home, windows are unfortunately also one of the most fragile points of entry. Industry statistics indicate that 30% of break-ins occur through the windows, therefore making it a necessity to render them highly secure. No points for guessing why windows shatter or smash when a burglary occurs, in that case, but it’s worth mentioning that double glazing professionals like us and others are continually innovating to find the best protection tactics.

In rare cases, windows have been known to crack spontaneously – particularly those which sit at the cheaper end of the glazing spectrum. Common reasons for this occurring is that the window has been fitted to an unusual aspect ratio, where the embedded glass is then at a greater risk of flexing. Simply put, shorter glass panes are less likely to flex than larger units. Changes in the temperature and humidity can also increase the risk of windows spontaneously cracking, especially when atmospheric pressure is low during Winter and you crank the internal heat up.

How can I ensure this doesn’t happen again?

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Of course, the best way to avoid this scenario is to invest in a high-quality set of windows that are fitted to be airtight using the very best materials. Features such as triple glazing not only serve to provide unparalleled heat retention, noise insulation, and glare protection but also reduces the risk of a smashed window thanks to their dense makeup and multi-layered construction. The type of crack – be it spontaneous or as a result of forceful impact – will determine whether repair or replacement is the best action to take.

Regardless, opting for a full window replacement that is better reinforced and designed proves to be the ideal solution in most situations. Windows that are much more energy efficient serve to reduce moisture build-up and draft problems which would otherwise lead to cracking, contributing to a safer home where homeowners can feel comfortable sleeping at night. We integrate MACO security features into almost all of our window profiles. This is so you can have peace of mind when you sleep at night.

Cracked or broken double glazed window repair from the Associated Windows team

While it’s true that the issue of a broken window can present homeowners with an array of problems, the fact of the matter is that most are quickly resolved with either a replacement or repair. Here at Associated, we perform smashed window repair as well as full window replacements.

Having achieved BS6375 for weather performance and PAS024:2012 for security, our uPVC windows are well-equipped to put up a fight against both the harsh elements and unwanted intruders. Equally, our range of aluminium windows integrate such safety features as shootbolt locking and ESPAGS as standard to make forced entry a near impossibility. Never mind a smashed window, burglary, in general, is highly unlikely as far as our aluminium windows are concerned.

Serving homeowners throughout Bristol, Associated Windows can render any property’s windows readily secure.

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