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Can you get sunburned through a window?

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With the sun finally starting to show and summer properly edging ever-closer, there’s no shame in getting hyped at the prospects of a new (and natural tan!). Such prospects understandably can get homeowners thinking “How long should I stay out in the sun?”, “What factor would be best for my skin?” and even questions like “Can you get sunburned through a window?”. Pointless to know for some but useful for others, we at Associated Windows have done the research and are ready to dish the details!

Yes, but only under certain circumstances

The simplest answer is yes, in certain instances a person can get sunburned through a window and any form of glass in general. Experts over at Science Focus state that, should your exposure to sunlight through a window be long enough, sunburn is possible but extremely unlikely. Standard glazing absorbs 90% of UVB rays which causes sunburn and 37% of less harmful UVB radiation. The result being adequate protection that homeowners can feel comfortable in.

Varying results depending on car window or home window

Most people assume that the windows you’d find in your car and home are essentially the same. In actual fact, there are some slight differences which effect how successfully sunlight is able to pass through. Car windscreens have a plastic layer bonded between two layers of glass, actively blocking all the UVB rays as opposed to a percentage – albeit a high one.

In terms of the possible Vitamin D benefits, most glass windows block the rays needed to aid in this. Ensuring your body and skin gets enough Vitamin D is important in that it’s needed to maintain strong bones, but those thinking they’ll get this via the UVB rays hitting their skin through a window should consider having more direct contact.

Take care of yourself whether inside or out

Homeowners shouldn’t depend on their light exposure through windows to be enough to take effect at all, let alone become sunburnt. A tan isn’t necessarily a sign of healthy skin anyway, so we at Associated Windows would always recommend using the typical health practices such as the appropriate factor sun block. When experiencing light from either the inside or outside of your home, science experts suggest it’s all about finding a healthy balance.

Secure windows that let you enjoy the sun safely

If you’d like a new set of windows to better view the shining sun this summer, why not speak to a member of Associated Windows to get set in time? Covering the entirety of Bristol, we have the means to ensure that you’ll always be able to enjoy the sun safely.

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