Low-maintenance windows that are affordable yet versatile

The nation’s favourite choice of window material that was first popularised in the early 1980s, PVCu Windows from Associated retain their inherent flexibility with some subtle modern tweaks. Known predominantly for their low maintenance tendencies which make hem perfect for contemporary homeowners who want to get on with their busy lives, we can supply our PVCu windows in both chamfered and sculptured styles to better suit any need or preference.

Opting for PVCu windows means being able to enjoy flexible style, yes, but also a relatively low-cost solution that lets you reap your finances back thanks to premier energy efficiency. Boasting a fully-enclosed five chamber design, PVCu windows from our range come in a multitude of styles from casement to flush sash, all excelling at trapping the precious heat present in your home, installed A rated as standard.

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