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Can you have aluminium windows in older homes?

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Those lucky enough to live in properties such as rural cottages, country estates, and any other style of classical home can understandably be quite trepid when the prospect of ‘aluminium windows’ enters the fray. Aluminium windows are seen as modern, sleek, and therefore might not be the first solution that comes to mind when looking to replace original timber windows. However, we at Associated Windows would encourage you to think again!

Of course you can, and sometimes it’s for the better!

Getting to the point relatively quickly, yes, aluminium windows can successfully be integrated into older homes. Their natural appearance might be quite metallic in nature, but that doesn’t mean that the frames can’t be customised to something a little more suiting. Aluminium windows are a luxury alternative to their PVCu counterpart, so there’s no need for classic property homeowners to miss out. Their slim frames and large glass surface areas means they’re able to spoil homes with a level of natural light few others can, after all.

Energy performance that rivals that of original timber windows

Timber, by its very design, is a natural insulator. The inherent intricacy of their dense structure make-up means that homes can be kept comfortable, making it tough for any precious heat present to escape. What’s not so fun is the high level of maintenance required to keep the windows doing so. Leave them to their own devices and it won’t be long before warping, rotting, and cracking soon starts to set in.

Aluminium is highly weather-resistant by comparison, meaning that they don’t mean much looking after even when regularly subjected to the harshest of elements. The natural thermal properties are rivalled by the modern material too, thanks to multi-chambered profiles which work well to trap heat. In this way, modern homeowners get to enjoy the best of both worlds without fear of rot or the need to regularly varnish.

Our 150-strong colour set includes authentic woodgrain foils

As alluded to earlier, aluminium windows can apply their modern sensibilities into modern homes while retaining the established authenticity. This is due to some impressively convincing woodgrain foils which successfully replicate the appearance of 19th century timber. To the outside eye, it’ll be unnoticeable that your property has in fact swapped out its original wooden windows for modern aluminium replacement frames.

Sleekly styled and strong aluminium frames from Associated Windows

Hopefully that’s helped successfully convey our thoughts on why aluminium windows absolutely make as much sense in older homes as new ones. If you’d like to learn more about how this is achieved or why original timber frames are quickly becoming a thing of the past, contact the Associated Windows team. Call us on 0117 9311777 or send us an online messagefaluminium.

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